AW 2014 : Scotch & Soda Amsterdams Blauw

Amsterdam BlawAW14.01

The Scotch & Soda Amsterdams Blauw denim collection brings
a line of high quality denim essentials for modern city dwellers.
From jeans to shirts, jackets and accessories, all Amsterdams
Blauw products are made with great care and an eye for detail.
Scotch & Soda jeans are so well constructed you could almost
wear them inside out. With a signature fresh approach to carefully
detailed denim garments in extraordinary washes, Amsterdams
Blauw offers all the blue essentials that men could wish for. Free
from any heritage-restrictions, Amsterdams Blauw has set the
tone to the liking of a royal denim-loving crowd.

Maison Scotch Amsterdams Blauw is the go-to for fashion savvy
women with a rock & roll edge. From jeans to shirts, scarfs and
dresses, all Maison Scotch Amsterdams Blauw items are made
with care, love and an eye for detail. This denim line is unique
in its own way with well-considered, carefully designed denim
garments in exciting washes. With a new approach on denim
traditions, Amsterdams Blauw offers all the indigo essentials for
all those denim-loving ladies out there.
Maison is only available from Junction Sliema (The Plaza Shopping Centre,Bisazza Street,Sliema)

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