Superga x Scotch & Soda

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Collaborations between brands is a meeting of creative minds.
Scotch & Soda and Century-old Italian footwear brand Superga have created
a line of recrafted trainers for sartorial vagabonds of every age. Since the
early 80’s Scotch & Soda has built a lifestyle brand based on honest, authentic
design. An appreciation of global cultures and quality craftsmanship have
cemented Scotch & Soda’s name as synonymous with Amsterdam Couture.
Classics have always been fundamental to Scotch & Soda, inspiring each
collection with new opportunities to rework designs that stand the test of
time. Like the trench coat, or the essential white tee, classics inspire Scotch
& Soda designers. At the spirit of each classic is an effortless nonchalance, a
mysterious sense of chic.
With this collaboration each edition reworks the 2750, Superga’s signature
design, with a Scotch & Soda twist. Introduced to the people of Italy after
the World War, the 2750 features a vulcanised rubber sole, metal eyelets and
reinforced laces. Like some of Italy’s landmarks, the Vespa scooter or the
three-piece suit, the 2750 has over time, become another Italian classic. As
the people’s shoe of Italy, the flat-form design has become the must-have
Summer shoe. In this collaborative series each style features design details
that reflects the essence of Scotch & Soda, while staying true to the Superga
classic. Worn out washes, romantic graphic details and a splash of indigo
adorn the collection in quintessential Scotch & Soda style.
Each design is rubber stamped at the heel to mark the collaboration’s
authenticity. Both admired for dedication to quality, workmanship and
attention to detail, both brands are excited to join forces in a collection of
wearable Superga classics given a Scotch & Soda designed edge.

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