logo-brandstimezoneThe Red T – established in 1993.

The street and sportswear label TIMEZONE was established in 1993 by Wolfgang Endler-Ross in Stephanskirchen near Munich.

His aspiration: Authentic clothing that allows the wearer to express his or her individuality and freedom while fulfilling the highest demands on quality. TIMEZONE seeks to clothe, not costume. This founding concept lives on today in the GMT campaign, for individuality is lived around the world. REAL PEOPLE IN EVERY TIMEZONE!

Some information about denim:

Often you are going to see different weights in oz (ounce) next to denim, but you may be wondering what it is that they mean. Well, this is our brief guide to understanding what we mean when we call a denim 10 Oz. or 13 Oz., heavyweight or lightweight.

The whole idea of categorizing a jean by weight comes from the weight a square yard of fabric weights in ounces, which relates directly to the density of yarn woven in and the weight of said yarn. However, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll break the weights into three main categories:
Lightweight – or under 11 Oz.
Mid-weight – from 11 Oz. – 13 Oz.
Heavyweight – anything above 13 Oz.
Please note these are our categories for a climate for the mediteranean climate. In northern europe you would find denim in shops upto 16%oz and over. This would be a very heavy denim !

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